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I recall my first few conversations with Joseph as me being s person sceptical when it comes to astrology. Yet over the months I have come to understand the logic and science behind astrology. I’ve gone for two readings now and the factor which took me back to him was because of this accurate predictions of date where the unexpected happened. It was interesting to see how hard work is supplemented by being in the right place at the right time.
Above all the conversations and insights Joseph gives are very realistic and inspiring. It leaves you win a new found inspiration and freshness. Whether his predictions will be accurate or not for the second time around is a question only to be answered by time. But Im satisfied because my visit has left me inspired, energised and catalysed. At least the seed of ideas of opportunities have been planted in my mind. Do give it try and see how things go.


Joseph, many thanks for my recent astrology reading. I got clarity on my present circumstances and reasons for behaviour in the world of work. I am delighted to move foward with this new information, forewarned is forarmed. The timing of events is spot on and I closed the necessary doors and found the tools from our session awakening. I would wholeheartedly recommend an astrology reading with Joseph.     Kind Regards, Helen


“The reading has helped me to understand myself better, see situations I’m facing in different perspective and to get some clearer view of my life. I felt much lighter after the session and I still feel a deeper sense of calmness as the reading was very reassuring.”


‘I would recommend Joseph Hong to anyone without hesitation. Even during our first session I was taken back by his efficiency and the amount of work he has put into reading my chart (especially considering that he had less than a week to prepare!). He provided us with a relaxed and professional environment and despite a general overview about my current life situation, we addressed those parts of my chart that I had the most questions about first. I found this particularly important since I cared mostly about my relationship future/patterns. Joseph was very clear in explaining the reasons behind certain patterns in my life and relationships from chemistry between people to advising on what foundations can the relationships be built on and what could cause friction between myself and a potential partner.It was very beneficial to learn of the ‘suitabilities’ between me and my partners based on astrology patterns.
I thoroughly enjoyed my session and was happy with the amount of information we managed to cover during the time we’ve met for without ‘racing through’ any of the topics. What also impressed me was how much logic and ‘black on white’ information Joseph could read from my chart. He also tapped into his psychic abilities while we chatted and gave me information that no one could just make up out of thin air.
Finally, I thought Joseph was lovely to chat with and at the end of the session I was provided with a helpful ‘guide’ on follow up bookings and other useful information which made me feel again like I was in great hands!See Joseph today and do yourself a favour – he will shine a light on things that will really help you on your path!’

Tori Davis, Dublin