Is there a Gay Indicator?

A client asked yesterday whether there’s something in a chart that shows gayness. Remembering what I have read and was trained in, I told him that the answer is no. There’s no way that a birth chart could show that. I peered at his chart again. Mars in a man’s chart would represent his sexual urge. What are the planets aspecting his Mars? (more…)

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The Danish Girl – A Look at Lili

I watched the movie “The Danish Girl” (2005) just now. It’s a difficult movie to watch as my world views are challenged and the movie forced me to think through them. For those who have not heard of the movie, it’s about a male and female artist who were married. The husband named Einar / Lili came out as a transgender woman to the wife named Gerda who supported her throughout her journey and transition to a woman. (more…)

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