Which Direction to Face?

I have often wondered about whether the direction that one faces most of the time in a day has any effect on one’s “luck”. Certainly in Feng Shui, directions matter. Under Chinese cosmology, I also recall that depending your date of birth and gender, you are assigned a different “gua” number. For that specific number, there are auspicious directions to invoke luck for health, wealth, studies, etc. Similarly, there are inauspicious directions that you are warned not to face lest the worst possible things may befall onto you. (more…)

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Different Types of Relationships in Different Countries

In my birth country, my natal ASC and DSC is Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. Gemini indicates a youngish person, constantly moving, talking and thinking. Sagittarius on the other hand indicates a middle age person, sometimes having a crisis. This described my relationship. I was the younger one, constantly wanting a variety of experiences and to communicate while my ex wasn’t like that at all, who’s focused on long-term plans and material security (my Jupiter conjuncts Saturn). (more…)

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