Consultation Chart Ruler in 8th

Recently, almost all of the consultation charts that I have cast have their chart ruler in the 8th house. I feel more like a counselor than an astrologer nowadays. And yes, the practice of modern psychological astrology leans heavily towards taking a counselling approach to consultations. But, truth be told, it feels so draining after each consultation which is heavy with grief, loss, anxiety, fear of the future, desperateness, failed businesses, etc. (more…)

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Interpretating Charts

A reminder to self. Always take a holistic approach to chart interpretation. For example, Robbie has a Saturn return recently. Saturn conjuncts his MC and is his MC ruler. So, his future goals, public self and profession are in focus. There’s starting and ending involved. Hard work, boundaries and the crystallization of issues relating to his profession. Robbie described events that fit within the earlier description of Saturn return.  (more…)

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Note on Learning (Horary) Astrology

For readers who are into the horary posts, as you already probably know, I only started to learn horary astrology this year. As such, there are infinite holes and mistakes in my analysis and judgment. Therefore, as you have already probably done, read the horary post with huge pinches of salt. Or better still, pick at the holes to show that you know your stuff. (more…)

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5° From House Cusp

It occurred to me that I might have been reading the house location of 2 planets in my natal chart “inappropriately” all these while. There’s a 5° rule that’s “floating” around. Essentially, if a planet is 5° within the next house cusp, that planet is considered to be in that following house. For example, Jupiter is in 4° Libra and the 5th house commences at 8° Libra. Using the 5° rule, Jupiter is in the 5th house.  (more…)

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Astrology is Divine

It finally dawned on me that regardless of the label that an astrologer tags himself with i.e. astrologer, counselling astrologer, counsellor (!), spiritual guide, etc, what he does is rather divine. Merriam Webster defines divine as “of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God”. And yes, your own version of “God”, not necessarily the biblical God. (more…)

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