Sun in 7th – Solar Return

I was looking at a solar return of a client for this year. Let’s call her Margaret. The Sun is smacked on the 7th. I said to Margaret that relationships would be a big focus for her this year. She had a puzzled look on her face. I ventured further. There could be quite a lot of communication with your husband as Mercury is next to the Sun. Mercury rules the 5th so there could be communication or thoughts about children. (more…)

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Jupiter-Venus Physical Description

More than half of the horary questions that I receive are about relationships e.g. when would I find somebody? I would usually provide them with a physical description of the love interest. And often times, to check that the chart is radical and it’s an email reading, I would describe them and almost most of the time, I would describe their physical characteristics correctly. Thank God for that… *wipes sweat off the brow”. But having the skill to describe physical characteristics can be rather important for other reasons too. (more…)

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