Start of a New Term

I was curious how the upcoming term would be (I teach piano). SA, the chart ruler is okay but not particularly strong – it is in its sign and in the 1st but in retrograde. What’s concerning is the square it’s applying to UR which conjuncts IC. Actually, MO con UR. MO rules the 7th house which is the other party i.e. my customers/students that I deal with. Yucks. This could mean missed classes and unexpected matters. This is somewhat alleviated by MO con NN. I wonder whether there’s power outages which would affect the piano classes as I use digital pianos although I have an acoustic piano too.

Hmmm, MO is disposed by VE in VI in 8th and weakened by the SU although it’s not in combustion. The first half of the term may be ok but the second half may be not.

The debilitated VE trines ASC too. It’s a greatly weakened benefic but I will take any little blessings I get.

Start of a new term in piano teaching – inception chart

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