What’s the Connection Between Pain in Right Leg and Anger Repression?

Pain and ache in the region marked with a “X” above

I am training for a half-marathon. After every long run, I would experience pain in the area marked with a “X” on my right leg. There would be pain for a day or two, and followed by an ache for a few days.

Accordingly to TCM theory, that painful region falls within the liver meridian or energy line. In TCM, each body organ is associated with an emotion(s). The liver is associated with anger. I’m definitely not an angry person. In fact, I can count the number of times I have been angry in a year with the fingers of one hand.

I do think though that my liver function is imbalanced – meaning it is blocked, the energy is not flowing freely. Hence, I “repress” my anger throughout my life, perhaps unconsciously.

Accordingly to the book on shiatsu that I’m looking at now, the liver is also associated with the muscular system and eyes. My eyesight was horrendous before my lasik surgey – basically I was blind as a bat without my glasses. I am certainly not muscular at all. It’s a bit uncanny. I wonder there’s something off with my liver function.

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  1. Jose

    Based in TCM, the muscle is related to the Earth which is represented by the Spleen and Stomach. These organs are related to the emotion of worrying and concern. Being constantly worried or suffering from anxiety makes blood not flowing smoothly, which is translated to more stagnation after physical activity. There is no issue with the Liver, but your Spleen. Having less cold food and avoiding dairy should improve the ache till no pain.

    1. Joseph Hong

      Interesting! Thanks Jose! I learnt yesterday that I actually have shin splits, which is only activated when I run over 15km at a go. I wonder whether less runners will get shin splits by having less cold food and avoiding dairy.

      1. Jose

        Oh Interesting! I guess it is worthy to give a try then. Not bad if you’re running 15km though till it is activated. Cold foods and dairy, specially in Winter, creates more Tan-Dampness which eventually affects the muscles. Take care Joseph! Thanks

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