Rich Actresses – their Career and Money

I was wondering whether the birth chart of rich actresses contain astro signatures of them getting rich through their careers. Here’s a look at some actresses.

Julia Roberts

There’s quite a lot of connections between Julia Robert’s 10th, 2nd and 6th house. It’s no wonder that she makes a great living from her career. For example:

  • There’s a rather tight sextile between 10th ruler (Mars) and 2nd ruler (Sun)
  • a very loose trine between MC and Moon in 2nd; Moon rules her ASC
  • a trine between NN in 10th and MO in 2nd which conjuncts JU (6th ruler) in 2nd
  • 10th ruler, MA in 6th of work trine 6th ruler (and 9th), JU in 2nd
  • It’s helpful to have Jupiter in the 2nd even though it’s in its sign of detriment
  • I can’t help but be amazed at the number of connections between the 10th, 2nd and 6th in Julia Robert’s chart!
  • Also, the dispositor of 2nd house ruler is MA which is in its sign of exaltation. So, I would expect Julia Roberts to be (even) wealthier in her second half of her life. Furthermore, MA is the sect as it’s a night chart.
Julia Roberts birth chart

Reese Witherspoon

  • There’s no connection between 10th ruler and 2nd ruler
  • JU is in his sect as it’s a day chart. JU conjuncts MC.
  • 10th ruler, VE, seseiquadrate 6th ruler, SA tightly. But this is a dynamic aspect rather than trine or sextile
  • SA, 6th ruler, however trines 2nd ruler, ME. I wonder if Reese Witherspoon makes most of her money from her career which she sees as work and/or employees that she may have.
  • But wait, if MO conjuncts 6th cusp, then MO in 6th trines JU con MC. Thus we have the connection between 10th and 6th.
  • Part of me wonders that ME in PI is disposed by JU con MC. It’s been said that the dispositor of a house reflects the condition of that house in the second half of a person’s life. Witherspoon’s chart certainly describes her wealth in her later life.
  • Like Julia Roberts, Witherspoon has easy aspects among the 10th, 2nd and 6th house.
Reese Witherspoon birth chart

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