Mistakes and Mercury Station

I made quite a few mistakes today. Let’s see:

  • using the wrong credit card to make a purchase
  • thinking of the wrong answer to an accounting question today
  • unsure of an answer to another accounting question today
  • using the wrong pillow case for a pillow today, which has never ever happened. When this happened, I mentioned to my partner that I have never used the wrong pillow case before. It has to be something to do with Mercury

Lo and behold. When I checked the ephemeris, Mercury is station direct today in the same degree as my natal Sun and Uranus, making a sextile/trine to them and actually also tightly quincunxing (?) my natal Pluto.

Also, I have been rather talkative today. It seems that words just flowed out of my mouth, which is rather unusual.

My guess was right. It’s Mercury at work today!!

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