Stop the Rot

I was doing gardening for over three hours yesterday. Towards the end, I lifted the dragon tree that’s on the window still onto the floor. The leaves looked loopy. I gave them a very gentle tug and they came off from the tree. The branch that’s left didn’t look right. I touched it and water oozed out. The branch has rotted.

I was slightly upset. It made me think of the fact that things could appear fine on the surface but they are actually rotting inside. I suppose a rot comes from stagnation. And a rot wouldn’t have happened if we are careful and take the necessary steps before the rot sets in.

Are there aspects of our lives that require looking after before it reaches the unsalvageable state of rot?

Also, there were loads of dead leaves and baby spiders from a spider plant that I have. For the first time in a long time, I snipped off those dead leaves and branches. It occurred to me: are there bits of my life that I’m still hanging on to which no longer serves any purpose to me but needs to be eliminated from my life? It does require energy to continue to maintain those defunct aspects in our lives. Again, prune, eliminate those bits of your life!

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