Overworked and Can’t Relax

I was practising yoga this morning. The next pose was the standing side bend. I mentally noted to myself: oh gosh, I hate this pose. I wasn’t pushing myself to bend at all. It’s just that I almost always felt uncomfortable after this side bend, which I hold for around 14 seconds.

Not me, something from the internet!

Next pose was the standing back bend. Again, I was saying to myself: omg, not this pose again. I really hate this pose too. I wasn’t trying hard to bend my back at all. I just feel discomfort when I get into this pose. It’s not pain.

Standing back bend. Not me.

After my practice, I wondered whether the discomfort I experienced on my sides and back has a connection to the meridians in the body – the gall bladder and bladder respectively. I picked up my Shiatsu massage book and flipped to the physical and psychological correspondences of the meridian. Here goes:

Gall bladder meridian

Physical imbalances: gall bladder problems; stiffness in movements; lack of bile; eye problems; stiffness in neck and shoulders, migraine; exhaustion.

Psychological imbalances: indecision; lack of creativity; overwork, attention to detail.

The bit on eye problems caught my attention. I certainly felt that my eyes have suffered especially over the last few days, with me spending extensive time in front of the computer learning how to code (as in computer coding). I somewhat relate to exhaustion as well as I feel that I have been overworked. There’s certainly a lack of creativity in my life right now – everything is so right-brained – accounting and computer science. I’m still not sure why attention to detail is considered to be psychological imbalance. But I have certainly paid extreme attention to details nowadays, which is required at work and in computing.

Bladder meridian

Physical imbalances: poor teeth, hearing problems and vertigo; lower back pain or weakness; overactivity of either sympathetic or parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system resulting in inappropriate reaction to stress, inability to relax, being too “laid back”.

Psychological imbalances: restlessness; fearfulness and timidity, recklessness

The above inspired some reflection. I would critically judge myself as unable to relax although the many breaks to the refrigerator while studying might prove otherwise! I mean how can I relax? I have so many “projects” going on:

  • daily morning practice of yoga which I have started 1.5 months ago
  • accounting work which is my day job and it has been very intense since last year.
  • studying for a computing degree. It’s a lot of “cram coding” up to now for this year. As it’s a 100% online degree, I can listen back to the lectures when it suits me to do so. I try to cover one/two weeks of lectures and tutorials in one day.
  • teaching piano. I’m teaching students to play piano by ear and how to compose. I don’t have a proper method to do so and I am currently writing up the lessons and curriculum as I go along
  • practising piano – I have set that aside for now. When I complete the exams and projects for the computing course next week, I will go back to practising the piano. I’m aiming to take a performance exam, which is at a degree level.
  • thankfully, my astrology practice has quietened down.
  • I’m getting married this year …
  • I hope to buy a property this year too…

One thing at a time. I know that and have been doing so.

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