Tell Me Anything About My Relationships

A client asked that question. The horary chart is somewhat disturbing. The chart ruler Venus is in Aries and in combustion. Hmm, no joy over there. I looked her natal chart. 7th ruler is Mercury in 8th (I find it difficult not to think of the traditional meanings of the 8th house) and is the focal point of a T-square comprising Uranus and Chiron – feeling of abandonment, being victimised and quickly come quickly go when it comes to relationships. I know, I know. Surely that could mean one of her relationship needs is the freedom of individualised expression.

What’s even more surprising to me is that when I looked at her progression, there was a conjunction between her ASC ruler and DSC ruler in a certain month. I asked her whether she met someone or was there something significant in her relationships. She said no, nada. This is very odd as I haven’t experienced such a thing before. Hmmm, having a second look at her chart, ASC is in Sagittarius, DSC in Gemini. ASC ruler, Jupiter and Gemini also rules 4th house and 10th house respectively. Maybe the progressed Gemini-Jupiter conjunction refers to something about home/family and career?

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