Are You 39 Years Old?

According to some astrologers, 39 years old is when at least one of these themes become predominant in your life: home, family, the past, your roots, parents especially your dad, and your upbringing.

As for me, home is a huge theme for me. Ha ha, that’s when Covid-19 happened to the world, so naturally home is a huge part of my life when I was 39 years old. That’s not all though. I actually thought a lot about getting my own place. I even applied for a mortgage but stalled it as I was getting very angry with the financial documentation the bank wanted. I actually clicked pause because of that.

Going deeper, to put that into astrological perspective and based on my natal chart,

  • 4th ruler is Mercury in Cancer which is in peregrine. So my efforts to buy a place is all over the shop, unstructured and wandering. Defo not a good idea to get a mortgage approved!
  • Mercury squares Saturn in Libra in 5th (night chart here) but fortunately (I think), Jupiter conjuncts Saturn. The mortgage underwriter (the middle man between my finances (2nd) and a mortgage (8th)) is my Saturn here who’s ‘responsible’ for the delays and cessation of me getting a mortgage. I know, the responsibility and fault is mine alone.
  • There’s no transits to Mercury.
  • Mercury had made a lot of transits to my natal chart while I don’t track.
  • the Sun, Mercury and Moon transited through Virgo, the sign of the 4th house. Again, I don’t track this.
  • I wonder whether Mercury return is important here? And since I’m using Hellenistic techniques, do I cast the Mercury return in whole sign houses? Grasps. Which I have done. Mercury in 9th house. Fair enough. I worked a lot on astrology during this period. Moon in Scorpio is applying to Mercury via a trine. The debilitated Moon rules 9th house. My limited knowledge on astrology is applying to me. Oh no, I’m actually doing a post graduate degree course in computer science which I have been VERY far behind. I should get going and stop writing astrological posts! Wait. Last one. Mars in Pisces conjunct the IC in my Mercury return. Interesting, isn’t it. the 4th place profection year is re-emphasized here. Mars rules 1st and 6th. I will spend lots of energy at work at home.

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