I’m Quiet Because Astrology Says So

I was flipping through Christian Astrology, a book by William Lilly, a renaissance astrologer on body parts and sex when I re-read the mute signs – in astrology, at least traditional astrology, some zodiac signs are considered ‘mute’ aka quiet or speaks slowly – the water signs which are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. So, if your Mercury is in any of these signs – you might be less inclined to speak up and/or speak slowly. Also, if your Mercury conjuncts, squares or opposes Saturn natally, your inclination to keep your thoughts to yourself and/or speak slowly is even more pronounced.

So, my Mercury is in Cancer and squares Saturn. Ta-da. I’m quiet because the stars say so. Jokes aside. Where there is a Mercury-Saturn aspect natally, Saturn bestows the person with detailed and exacting thinking and writing which is great for detailed and technical work. That is of course, if the person is still alive after years of negative thinking aka pessimism.

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