6 Nations – France vs Wales

There’s a branch of astrology which is used to predict the winning team in sports. My prediction was wrong. I made the mistake of thinking that Mars (7th ruler) is stronger than Venus (ASC ruler).

  • I thought Venus is in combustion which is incorrect. Combustion only occurs in the same sign. Venus is under the beams of the Sun. According to Lilly, Venus is in its sign of exaltation which is +4, under the Sun beams which is -4, in the 6th house (cadent) which is -2. I also happened to see that if Venus is oriental to the Sun, it’s another -2. Strength of Venus (France based on the colour of their jersey) is -2 or -4.
  • Mars is in its peregrine so -5. It is occidental to the Sun so -2. Strength of Mars is -5 or -7.
  • Both Venus and Mars are moving faster than average. Mars was travelling at about 35 minutes versus its usual 30 minutes. Venus was travelling at almost its fastest at 1 degree 14 minutes versus its usual 1 degree or less. Surely speed is important in sports. But I don’t see other sports astrologers considering the speed of the planets.

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