An Eerily Accurate Predictive Technique

I was reading online about an ancient predictive technique called annual profection where depending on your age, an area of your life gets emphasized. I remembered I had a book on Hellenistic astrology (i.e. astrology during 323 BC and 31 BC which is really ancient) that I bought years ago. It was unloved and abandoned at the bottom of one of my book shelves. Finally, a few days ago, I retrieved it and started to dip into it. Guess what? That book had a chapter on the predictive technique that I spoke of earlier.

I continued reading the next chapter and my mind was blown away by a predictive technique called Zodiacal Releasing. This technique states that your life is divided into different periods ranging from 8 to 30 years. Each period can be positive, negative or neutral for your career, health and love life depending on your birth details. Within each of these periods, you can further split it into smaller periods ranging for 8 to 30 months which can also be positive, negative or neutral. For example, you could be in a negative 20 year period (yikes!) but there could be positive periods of say 30 months within the 20 years which make life more bearable.
My clients would know that I dislike labelling events and time periods as positive or negative as I believe it’s our response to something that determines whether something is good or bad. This is due to my training as a modern psychological oriented astrologer where we forecast (and don’t predict) and we give a balanced perspective on the cosmic energy (rather than describe something as positive or negative). I do also train in horary astrology, which is a branch of astrology which is focused purely on predictions which tempered my earlier training.

Anyhow, I think ignorance is bliss sometimes, especially if someone is entering from a very positive period to a so called negative period. Conversely, if someone is going from a negative period to a positive period, that knowledge can surely offer hope for the future. The thing about the more ancient types of astrologer including Indian astrology is the strong concept of fate i.e. you are entering/existing/in the midst of a negative period of your life and there’s nothing you can do to change it. Certainly, there may be ‘cures’ to lessen the impact of it. However, fate and destiny underline the very nature of such astrology. It does take a strong person and a sensitive astrologer to partake of the knowledge that such predictive techniques offer.
Enough of my philosophical ramblings. I wanted to reflect on the various periods highlighted by this powerful predictive technique that I read of to my career and/or overall life direction.

December 2019 to July 2049 (30 year period) is a peak period for me direction (in Aquarius, 4th angular sign from sign of lot of fortune Scorpio). By peak, I mean a time of activity and importance in my career/overall life. It is also a positive period (night chart, Venus in Leo, angular sign from Leo) and one where I have the potential to reach the masses and/or there’s gradual evolution of career/life direction (natal Moon in Aquarius). This is definitely good news to me as I have always felt that my life is going nowhere and at times that I’m a failure in life. It is comforting to know that the previous period in my life (May 1993 to December 2019) was supposed to be tough and I have entered into a period with the potential for success. Talking about a late bloomer!

Looking back at the past from May 1993 to December 2019, some observations relating to key subperiods in my life according to this predictive technique are:
September 2010 to October 2012 (loosing of the bond in Cancer, natal 2nd house): I was promoted to a manager in a global accounting firm in October 2010. This is a transition that supposedly put me on a career path that I will then follow for several decades (yikes! Am I doomed to an accounting career for the rest of me because of my love for financial security?). I was well-paid as a manager. It was however an extremely tough time at work (night chart, natal Saturn in Libra, Cancer is angular to Libra). I was working 80 hours weeks for at least 6 months a year. I was also depressed in 2012.
October 2012 to April 2014 (subperiod in Leo, natal 3rd house containing natal Venus and night chart, angular sign from lot of fortune): I quit my job and relocated to Mexico to be fluent in Spanish. There was romance during this period too. I also made quite a few friends here too. I also travelled to Spain and lived in Sydney, Australia during this time but decided Australia wasn’t the place for me. I moved to Dublin, Ireland in January 2014. This period is definitely a very enjoyable one (a positive subperiod in a negative period)
August 2016 to November 2017 (subperiod in Scorpio, natal 6th house, sign in lot of fortune): this is interesting. I actually was on medical leave for close to a month (natal 6th) while being transferred to another department at work. I subsequently quit my job in Dublin, Ireland in December 2016. I did astrology full time thereafter.
I noticed I quit my job whenever a subperiod is in a fixed sign. Let’s test this out.
June 2008 to September 2009 (subperiod in Scorpio, natal 6th house, sign in lot of fortune): I was working crazy hours at work during this time. There was a day when I nearly fell onto the train tracks as I was exhausted from work. Fortunately, I fell onto a man who’s standing in front of me. I was also duly recognized for the hard work I put in. I quit my job in around November or December 2009.
It’s very fascinating how the key periods determined by this predictive technique coincides with very key and memorable events in my career and overall life direction.

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