An Undecisive Prime Minister

“The Taoiseach’s problem is he is not decisive and can’t make up his mind on issues. This is not helpful if you are a prime minister.” says an article with the headline “Taoiseach Micheal Martin set for unhappy 60th birthday as Fianna Fail on brink of civil war”.

That got me thinking. Is there an emphasis on the Libra sign or Neptune in his chart? Not withstanding that I don’t have his birth time, there’s no planets in Libra. However, Sun squares Neptune within about 3 degrees. This can play out in different ways: idealistic or delusional, sensitive or yielding, adaptable or deceitful, go with the flow or lack of structure and plans.

Let’s look at his progressed chart as of 1 August 2020. Sun and Mercury are in Libra. Ah ha! This can symbolise an undecisive personality, undecisive thinking and communication patterns. Or positively, it can symbolise someone who can strives to balance opposing views or needs and weighs the pros and cons to a situation. The reality however is that it’s incredibly challenging to balance situations evenly. Imagine a weighing scale. To achieve balance requires time, skill and dedication. Such a scale symbolises say an issue relating to Covid-19. There are numerous issues in running a country including multiple issues relating to Covid-19. How could anyone balance numerous weighting scales at a time, when each scale affects the other scales and to keep them balanced at all time? Impossible. Perhaps the strategy is to be aware of the opposing forces and balance them by taking a stand.

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