What Should I Know About My Health?

I dislike asking questions about health using divination as it’s such a sensitive topic. What if I see death or something like that? Nevertheless, I see a couple of tough transits and progressions that have the potential to affect my health this and next year. So, I decided on a three card spread:

  • what do I most need to know about my health for the next 6 months? 9 of cups
  • What’s the likely outcome of my health? Knight of cups
  • What’s my next step? 10 of wands

Similarities among the three cards

  • each card has a person only
  • the first 2 cards are cups. Both persons are sitting down. One on a bench, the other on a horse. The first persons are sitting upright while the 3rd person is hunched back from all the weight he’s carrying.
  • the 1st and 3rd cards are men, the person in the 2nd person looks androgynous to me.

Differences among them

  • the first person is proud and satisfied, the second person is offering the cup to someone or something, the third person is overburden and his front view is all covered by the wands.
  • the background of each card is different. The first person is in front of a trophy display case. The second person is in the open with stream and mountains and vegetation. The 3rd person is heading towards home, I think.

In the 3 card spread,

  • the cups suit and water element are repeated. There’s an emphasis on love and pleasure.
  • there is a sequence from 9 to 10. The next step is due to what had happened before.

My take on my own reading: I’m getting fat and comfortable. My health will be so-so over the next 6 months. I do what I like, based on my feelings and emotions which may not necessarily be good for my health. The next step or advice is to engage in strenuous activity. Running comes to my mind. I picked another card for “what happens if I run?” Page of cups.

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