Wow, Where do Those Words Came From?

Warning: this is astro hocus pocus. Very dangerous and brainless stuff.

There was a phenomenan that took place on last Friday. Transiting Mercury in the sky went over the position of Mars when I was born. The astro lingo short hand for this situation was t.ME con n.MA. Wow, this looks like some chemistry shorthand. Very scientific looking.

Anyhow, apparently, when the phenomenon took place, it has an ‘effect’ on me for some days. Thinking back, what happened was:

  1. I finished an accounting paper in somewhat record time. Not an easy paper but I did it
  2. I had a meltdown with my partner where I shouted not at him but shouted. Now, I can recall the number of times in my whole life that I was angry. There’s less than 5 instances
  3. Encountering a person in the local park who was verbally aggressive
  4. Having the worst hay fever symptoms ever. I couldn’t work – my head was groggy, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do anything.
  5. I had an astrology reading and taught piano to a child
  6. I went to meet a piano student for coffee. He has been inviting me over quite a few times. The meeting would fall into the definition of a friend for me.

On event number 4, let’s use Brady’s transit grid to see if it has any connection with the Mercury – Mars transit:

  • cause: n.ME in 2nd or 1st depending on which house system you use, n.MA in 1st
  • action: t.ME in 1st
  • effect: n.ME rules 4th and 1st, n.MA rules 6th and 11th

Let’s interpret the transit:

  • there’s energetic communication and writing during this time. Words can be forceful and assertive. If you haven’t internalised this energy within yourself, you may experience angry, assertive, demanding words from others by way of projection
  • Such event(s) took place to you directly because of your body and finances and has the effect of blending home, yourself, work, health routines and friendship
  • I know nearly nothing on medical astrology. Mercury represents the respiratory, nervous and immune system while Mars represents sharp, sudden and inflamed diseases which certainly described how I have been feeling.
  • I think there’s something very Martian with my friend – he has a natural gift with iron – welding, sculpturing, etc.

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