Node – Sun Transit (Conjunction)

During end January 2019, transiting North Node conjunct my natal Sun.

Someone or something new and fated taking place to life, myself and my very being. A time of increased success and an awakening of the ego.

Transit grid

  • causes: n.NN in 2nd and n.SU in 2nd
  • action: t.NN in 2nd
  • effect: n.SU rules 3rd, n.NN disposed by MO in 9th

Using a 1 degree orb based on true node rather than mean node, the transit kicked in in mid December 2018 and ended around end February 2019.

Something or someone fated happened relating to my personal resources, stemming from my personal resources e.g. talents, skills and abilities with the consequence of some communication, of what’s familiar and foreign to me.

I’m not entirely sure what this nodal transit means to me. Could it be me getting the new job? Or demonstrating that I was capable and passing the probation which is formalised months later? Certainly, getting the job meant a new lease of life for me.

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