Jupiter – Venus Transit (Square)

Transiting Jupiter squared natal Venus in February, twice in March and October 2018.

An expansion in relationships. Growth in my resources – emotional, spiritual or financial. Desiring new experiences and opportunities in my relationship to the world, others, information.

Transit grid:

  • causes: n.JU in 4th and n.VE in 3rd
  • action: t.JU in 6th
  • effect: n.JU rules 10th and 7th, n.VE rules 12th and 5th

An expansive event relating to your work, daily routines or health practices forcing you into action regarding your love for communication and all things familiar including your sister. The expansion has its origins in you developing as a person when it comes to your home and family. Such events impacted hidden pleasures or unconscious self-expression, significant one-to-one relationships and your career and social standing.

Reflection: I can’t remember anything that ‘fits’ into this transit. Did I have more sex or self-satisfaction during this time or did I write extensively? Was my sister involved?

I wondered whether I can’t remembered much as natal Venus is not a key planet for me – it’s not angular, not in an angular house, not the focal planet in a planetary pattern, etc.

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