Jupiter – Sun Transit (Trine)

In October 2018, transiting Jupiter trined my natal Sun.

A time of growth and expansion for me, especially when it comes to new experiences. Growth in authority is possible too. Removal of all obstacles to my expansion and growth. Changes in my worldview of my life.

Using transit grid,

  • causes: n.JU in 4th, n.SU in 2nd
  • action: t.JU in 6th
  • effect: n.JU rules 10th and 7th and n.SU rules 3rd

My work, daily routines underwent an expansive change that rapidly changed my life due to 1) my need to expand when it comes to home and family, the roots of my entire life; and 2) my finances, my talents and my self-esteem, my attitude toward security. The change affected my partnership, my career and social standing and what is familiar to me – the local neighbourhood, commuting and thinking patterns.

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