Jupiter – Moon Transit

I’m back testing the transits that I experienced in the past.

In 2019, transiting Jupiter sextile my natal Moon. There is an expansion of my feelings. There may be new experiences that broaden my mental and emotional horizons. My daily life may take on a new meaning, a new philosophy of life. There’s luck or opportunities relating to my urge for a home or family.

Using Brady’s transit grid,

  • causes: n.JU in 4th, n.MO in 9th
  • action: t.JU in 7th
  • effect: n.JU rules 10th and 7th, n.MO rules 2nd

An opportunity (sextile) to expand in relationships (t.JU in 7th), stemming from my emotional need for anything foreign and how I grow through my home and family. This event may impact my relationship status, my social standing and career and my personal resources, self esteem and values i.e. what’s important to me.

Initially, I thought of this transit as an opportunity to expand my finances as n.Moon rules my 2nd house of finances. That may indeed be the case, however, I remembered that this was also the year where my partner and I constantly joked about getting married. We popped the question in November, long after the final hit of the transit in early September. Congratulate me!

On hindsight, this transit could relate to my astrological career too as the 9th house rules astrology and my knowledge of it. So, the transit could also be interpreted as an opportunity for a new experience in my client base (t.JU in 7th), stemming from my response to astrology (9th) and the end of it (4th) with the consequences of my career, clientele and finances being impacted. This certainly resonates with me too.

I have come to the conclusion that Jupiter isn’t always about getting what we want. It seeks to expand and grow. If we are not expanding and growing in say in a relationship, we might seek release. Likewise, if we are not growing in our clientele, we might seek release from them too.

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