Jupiter – Moon Transit (square)

In June and August 2018, transiting Jupiter square my natal Moon.

Events which seek to expand and introduce growth in your life, which are of nobody’s fault, are forcing me into action. Those events may expand what is habitual for you, what you do on a daily basis, what’s natural for you. It may mean some kind of expansion of women in your life, especially your mother.

Using Brady’s transit grid,

  • cause: n.JU in 4th and n.MO in 9th
  • action: t.JU in 6th
  • effect: n.JU rules the 7th and 10th, and n.MO rules the 2nd

An urge for expansion in daily routine including work and health routines forcing me to respond by going after something foreign. The event impacted my significant one-to-one relationship, my career and social standing and my personal resources and values.

I distinctly remembered since my mum’s death in May that year, I was discontent with how my future was looking, especially in financial terms. I was thinking of my future and goals and I knew that I had to return to employment. So, I started applying for jobs in June and I think I had interviews in August. Yes, it took the company that I am eventually with that long to get back to me.

Certainly, the houses involved resonated with me:

  • causes: I did want to expand in terms of home ownership. In fact when I was younger I fantasize about owning homes in different countries (n.JU in 4th). I wanted more experiences (n.MO in 9th). Working as an astrologer full-time did not offer me that. I think I also predicted that there will be job opportunities for me if I do decide to go for them.
  • action: I was feeling frustrated with my daily routine. I wanted to break out of it.
  • effect: my income certainly increased after being employed (2nd), career as an astrologer took a back seat (10th) but I returned to my old career, my partner (7th) is decidedly happy that I’m back to an accounting job

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