Chiron – Mars Transit (Square)

Transiting Chiron squared my natal Mars in April and September 2018 and February 2019.

Feeling hurt and wounded when it comes to getting what you want. Feeling of abandonment not due to anyone’s fault forcing you to act. Healing one’s sexuality. Receiving guidance and coaching on the direction of your motivation.

Transit grid

  • causes: n.CH in 12th and n.MA in 1st
  • action: t.CH in 10th
  • effect: n.MA rules 6th and 11th

Feeling abandoned and wounded in your career and social standing which droved you into taking action especially toward being independent or solo. The event had an impact on your work, daily routine and groups you may belong to.

Reflection: I completed my Samaritan volunteer training leading up to April 2018, if I remember correctly. Even though I completed the vigourous training, I somewhat felt out of place and uncomfortable listening to callers. That sense of discomfort is inexplicable, something unconscious (12th). Eventually, after February/March 2019, I stopped volunteering for the Samaritans.

Also, during 2018, I was working full-time as an astrologer. I certainly felt abandoned, isolated and hurt in my career choice (t.CH in 10th). I didn’t share those feelings with anyone and I think I suffered in silent (n.CH in 12th). It did drive me into action, taking the unconventional route of returning to accounting after astrology (t.CH in 10th). Consequently, my work and daily routine changed (6th), and my volunteering capacity (11th) changed.

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