Where Should I Sleep and Work? Flying Star Feng Shui

I am very confused as different authors say different things.

Now, this (a person’s birth Annual Star as his or her Personal Star) should be checked against sleeping and working areas. Many practitioners treat the personal Star as a Guest Star. I suggest instead that you treat it as the Host Star in, for example, the bedroom, and look at how the Mountain and Water Stars of the room support it.
If the Star configuration in the bedroom is 1-1-8, then the Metal of the Personal 7-red Star will be drained by the Water of the 1-white Star (Metal is reduced by Water). On the other hand, the Personal 7-red will be supported the 8-white Earth Star (as Earth produces Metal). Hence this bedroom will support the person’s finances but will not encourage people support.
This means that one use for the Personal Star is to help select bedrooms for specific family members. To do this, check the Personal Star against the Mountain and Water Stars of each of the available bedrooms to select the room that most supports the individual being assessed. As a general rule, it is only areas that are personal to the individual that should be considered- basically the bedroom and office/study. Also check the main entrance against the head of the household Personal Star. Elsewhere in the building this Personal Star is not of any real account.

Stephen Skinner “Flying Star Feng Shui”

When we match an individual to a bedroom, we examine the relationship between the person’s guardian star and element and the Earth Base of the bedroom. To illustrate the process of fitting individuals to bedrooms, let’s consider an example. There are three bedrooms, with 7-white, 4-green and 9-purple as Earth Base stars. The guardian elements and stars for the family occupying the house are 1-white water (husband), 5-yellow earth wife), 7-red metal (male child), and 9-fire purple (grandmother).
Let’s first consider which bedroom is best for the husband and wife. The bedroom with 4-green wood in the Earth Base is not good for the wife, because wood destroys earth. It also is not good for the husband, because his guardian element, water, is weakened to create or nourish wood…
Throughout the two examples, you will notice that the effects of the Earth Base guardian stars on all the occupants of the house are considered before a decision is made.

Earth Eva Wong, a Master-Course in Feng Shui, Chapter 8 Matching Occupants to a House, Section Matching Occupants to the Bedrooms

Use the space containing the ruling money star for a home office – any area where you conduct money-related business.
In an active (yang) area within a home (family room, home office, kitchen), focus on the water star and how it reacts with the mountain star. If the time star is productive to or belongs to the same phase as the water star, the possibility of financial gain is even greater.
Southwest sector: 3 mountain (wood) – 4 time (wood) – 8 water (earth). Wood burdens earth. The highly favorable number 8 is located on the water or wealth side, making this area terrific for a home office. To increase the chance for financial success, install a fire remedy here to connect the wood and earth phases. Doing so will discourage wood from depleting 8’s auspicious nature.
North sector: 4 mountain (wood) – 3 time (wood) – 9 water (fire). Wood produces fire. The auspicious combination 4-9 is known as “fire makes wood glowing and glamorous.” Because 9 is a timely money star, the area also makes a favourable home office. No remedy is needed.
North sector as above with annual star 3 (wood). The annual 3 activates all three combination. With the additional wood, the fire phase is needed to keep the flame burning.
North sector as above with annual star 2 (earth). The annual and evil-natured 2 doesn’t activate a combination. Thus, it will act on its own to bring sickness. Install metal to mitigate its nasty effects.
Master Bedroom: For House A, the 6M-8W combination is extremely favourable especially in Period 8 where the number 8 is located on the water or money side. To take advantage of the ruling money star, support it environmentally by leaving the window open. Doing so will allow the yang essence of the driveway to flow into the dwelling, increasing the probability of financial gain. This area can double as an office too.
Guest Bedroom/Office: Considering that Alex is a lawyer, House A’s 2M-3W combination (conflict, litigation) may be favourable, the area increasing his skill in devising arguments and rebuttals. That said, he would be better off working in the master bedroom, where the qi is much more favourable. House B, on the other hand, contains a benevolent combination, with 4M-1W being a great place for a writer, artist, or a person looking to find romance. This area makes a fine bedroom or office.
South Main Entrance: 7M (metal) 7W (metal) 2T (earth). Metal assists metal. A great area for an entrance, bedroom, or office for Period 7. Although a remedy is not needed now, when Period 8 arrives, add water to lessen 7’s untimely qualities, which are being encouraged by the time star (earth produces metal). A table fountain would work nicely here.
Northeast Master Bedroom: 6M (metal) 8W (earth) 1T (water). Earth produces metal. Described above, the only difference here is how the time star affects the mountain-water combination. In this case, water is corroding 6’s innately auspicious, but untimely qualities. With more responsibility due to increased authority and possible promotion, the couple may suffer from stress and headaches. Remedy with a little fire. It will enhance the auspicious money star and control the mountain star’s negative aspects. When Period 8 arrives, keep the window open during the day. Doing so will allow the yang qi essence of the driveway (not illustrated) to increase the likelihood of better financial prospects. At night, the 6 mountain star will charge the walls, bringing possible career advancement. Regarding bed placement, they should position it against the eastern wall (as illustrated). For Alex, east corresponds to his F2 qi; for Anna, her F3
qi. The bedroom door should be closed while they sleep. Alex should also consider using this room as an office. They should orient the desk toward the east, his F2 qi.
Southeast Office: 2M (earth) 3W (wood) 6T (metal). Wood controls earth. This is an unlucky relationship coupling two inherently inauspicious numbers. Adding a little fire will restore balance to the cycle (wood-fire-earth). However, the remedy causes a side effect by enhancing the sickness-provoking star 2 (fire produces earth). The reductive phase metal is needed to weaken the mountain star (metal reduces earth). Metal filing cabinets, statuary, picture frames, and the like, are suggestions. Yet, because of the destructive nature of both the mountain and water stars, the remedies will not transform the room to a good one. It’s best that Alex and Anna avoid this room, relegating it to a storage area or guest bedroom. Alex would be better off installing a desk in the master bedroom. If however, he needed the southeast room as an office, he may benefit from the propensity of arguments triggered by the 2M-3W combination. With his desk facing east (F2), he could harness the area’s qi to help him devise appeals and rebuttals.

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