Ireland’s War with An Invisible Opponent

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Progressed Mars trine progressed Neptune on 6 December 2019. Using a one degree orb, we are looking at events taking place within 1 year on either side of the date. In other words, from Dec 2018 to Dec 2020.

Natal Mars opposition Neptune in Ireland’s natal chart. So, this progression is likely an negative event or at the very least, it should involve at least 2 parties – maybe a competition, an open enemy. The trine in the progression indicates that the event should take place quickly and easily.

Some interpretations are:

  • A war taking place. Fighting against the unseen, the invisible, something subversive, maybe illness.
  • A fighter based on his/her delusion and deception. This brings to my mind Lisa Smith who returned to Ireland in late November 2019.
  • Violence in Ireland from criminal or anti-social acts from the ideal world or utopian ideals. Sometimes, there can be riots and rebellions.
  • Increased activity over oil, drugs, pharma companies. I wonder whether there’s increased drug usage in Ireland during this time. Surely Ireland doesn’t control oil prices.
  • Scandal over the Irish defence forces, perhaps due to confusion and deception.
  • Water sports competition taking place during this time.

Extending the interpretation, progressed Mars is in the 7th and progressed Neptune in the 11th. An interpretation is:

  • A war (Mars) against an open enemy (7th) who/which is unseen or subversive (Neptune) in groups (11th). Natal Mars rules the 4th, 12th and 11th. The war is fought at home, hospitals, prisons or places of isolation (12th). Social welfare is part of the picture (12th). Government institutions are roped in. War also depends on nations which it’s friendly with – e.g. countries in the EU or the EU. Neptune co-rules the intercepted 3rd house based on modern astrology. Any confusion or deception could arise from communication from the EU, especially official ones, or actually the lack of such communications. Ireland’s neighbours e.g. the UK could be deluded and affect this war.

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