Ireland’s Transition into Wintry Times

On 8 February 2020, Ireland’s progressed Jupiter changed signs into Capricorn. Some interpretations are:

  • The beliefs and values of the Irish evolved into something more conservative, responsible, planned and organised (qualities of Capricorn)
  • People may take a more serious attitude towards religion during this time. It is perhaps during tough times that people may rely more on God or their version of God.
  • The Irish law evolved to maintain boundaries and to impose restrictions of some kind. Perhaps to protect the elderly.
  • The nation’s sense of well-being is tested (Capricorn) during this time. Well-being comes from being responsible, disciplined and patient.
  • The wealth of Ireland and the rich contracts. Planning and prudence matters. Maybe the finances improves over time through restructuring and realism.
  • Charities and higher education e.g. universities and colleges may go through hard times.

Any of the above may be assisted by old paternal figures with authority in the society.

Jupiter rules the 1st and intercepted 3rd. As such, the above general meanings of Jupiter applies to the nation as a whole and the communications in Ireland – there may be more communication from authorities and those in authority. Newspapers and the news may contain sobering (Capricorn) news, maybe news relating to death and the elderly. The 3rd house also represents neighbouring countries, the UK being the nearest one. The progression suggests that they are going through similar stuff as Ireland (see above). This is not surprising given Brexit. Commuting is ruled by the 3rd house too – there may be less or restricted travelling.

As Capricorn represents seriousness, let’s take things seriously from now on lads!

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