Improve Your Luck With this Simple Tip

Greetings to you

May you, family and loved ones be healthy.

Just as we ‘click’ well with some people and clash with some other people, it is believed in a rather basic school of feng shui that there are four compass directions that ‘click’ well with us and four others that ‘clashes’ with us. Those four directions that ‘click’ with us ‘flows’ for us energetically which I suppose promotes our ‘energies’ and thus are believed to be beneficial for us.

To find your four flowing or lucky directions, do an internet search for something like “personal gua number and directions”.

So when we orient ourselves towards one of our four ‘flowing’ directions, we are aligning ourselves with perhaps the cosmos and might make our lives easier, better or more effective. It is like a person facing a downstream in a river. He is against the flow of the water and faces resistance and hence expend energy in doing so. However, if the person goes with the flow of the water, he flows along. Certainly, some of you may dislike the idea of flowing along with the currents of a river or the currents of life and want to call yourselves the captains of life. The contents of this newsletter is therefore not so suitable for you.

Here’s a random thought for those of you who knows a bit about astrology. Orientating yourself towards one of your four flowing directions is like a trine where energies among planets flow easily or even a sextile. Facing one of your four ‘clashing’ directions is like a square or opposition or even a semisquare/sesquiquadrate.

Anyhow, it is believed that each of those four flowing/easy directions is good for different aspects of your life: wealth, relationships – this can be romantic ones or within your family or with your children, physical health and growth including growth through career, studies, etc. So, you might just become richer or find a romantic partner when you practise facing a flowing direction of yours! Having said that, I doubt your life becomes better instantly when you face one of those four flowing directions. It might but I doubt it. I’m guessing it’s because it’s just a variable of your life. I read somewhere that some feng shui masters believe that a person’s life is a product of 3 parts – his fate or destiny, his personal actions/thoughts and his feng shui. Assuming that is correct and each part has equal importance in a person’s life, even though you might have orient your facing direction differently, you might not get what you desire because of your fate and your actions/thoughts.

So, orientating your facing direction is part of personal feng shui. Frankly feng shui is very complex and it would be crazy to think that you can change your life by just changing the direction you face. But it’s a start perhaps to align yourself with the cosmos and might just make your life 1% better, which is still better.

So, start by facing one of your four flowing directions when you are seated at your desk, dining table, when watching the telly or Netflix or when doing exercises. You might just improve your life slightly with this simple personal feng shui tip.

Health be to you, Joseph

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