Free online tarot course: Day 3

Describe the card on a feeling and mental level

In day 2, you describe the card that you have chosen at a literal level i.e. what you see with your eyes.

Now, describe verbally or write down what’s unsaid. In other words, what’s the feelings, emotions and/or thoughts of the person(s) and environment of the card?

How does the above relate to you?

Because the card mirrors your life, it also mirrors your own feelings and/or thoughts.

M.K. Greer

Joseph’s take on it

8 pentacles

The man is hard at work, with painstaking details. This is evident from the chisel which is exactly at the grove between two points of the pentacle that he’s working on. There seems to be a lightness in his hands, which comes after possibly years of practice, work and skill. There’s five pentacles hanging on the tree trunk – it’s like a proud showcase of his accomplishments. Imagine the time it has taken him to get to that point. Presumably, when he started on his first pentacle, the results of it is shoddy as he’s unskilled. Perhaps he had to redo his first few pentacles because they didn’t meet his or others’ standards. There’s a pentacle lying on the ground next to him. I wonder whether that’s newly finished or requires some finishing touches.

Undoubtedly, there’s loads of repetition in his work. Instead of drudgery or boredom, there’s a sense of contentment or even a smile in the man’s face as he works. Perhaps he has found his bliss in his work. Imagine being in the flow or zone and being so utterly focused on his work that the universe becomes just him and his work. Maybe in the quest for perfection, endless repetition over time is required.

How does the above relate to Joseph?

Maybe I need the spirit of hard work. Keep my material goals in sight as I work. Be aware of what I have accomplished to date and not write them off as I have been thinking that I’m a failure in life as I’m in my mid-life transitional period. Work quietly and ceaselessly. One project (i.e. pentacles) at a time. Otherwise I end up with a few unfinished projects. Focus and concentration are required. I should get in my work gear to create the work mood. The more I do, the more I may enjoy my work and project.

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