Free online tarot course: Day 2

Describe your card

Describe what you visually see in the card. For example, see Joseph’s description of the 8 of pentacles below.

Do not infer emotions, intentions, etc from the card. For example, “the man in the card is a hardworking lad, he’s working steadily towards his ambitions, one goal at a time. Wood which is prevalent in this card is symbolic of stability, the material sphere, etc.” Describe what you literally see in the card.

You can verbally describe your card or write it down somewhere.

How does the card apply to you/the situation/etc?

Next, reflect on how does your card describe you/the situation/the other person, etc?

Joseph’s take on it

I have chosen to work with the 8 pentacles from Day 1. I see a man sitting on a brown perhaps wooden bench. He is holding a hammer in his right hand and a chisel in his left hand. He is working on a pentacle which is propped by a block of something – maybe wood. His right foot is placed in front of his body while his left foot is placed next to his body. His feet are touching the ground.He is wearing a dark brown or black apron over a blue shirt and red pants and leather shoes(?). There is a castle (?) in the background. There is a path leading to the castle. There is a pentacle on the ground next to him. There are five pentacles hanging on a wooden stake or something like that. There are straight lines running down the stake. The topmost pentacle has a piece of string attached to it and is hanging by a nail. There is a pentacle hanging on the bench.

How does the card apply to Joseph?

The work apron that the man is wearing makes me think of the ‘proper’ attire at work. I have been working from home nowadays, mostly in my pyjamas. I’m not very efficient and effective. I wonder whether I should dress up and do my hair (gel it). Maybe that would get me into the mood for tip top work.

The man has ample space around him when he’s at work. This is interesting as I only recently moved my study/work desk from the bedroom, which is very cramped, to the hallway where I have a lot of space around me and I am surrounded with plants.

The workbench is rather empty too. It has the work block to support the man’s work. Maybe I need to declutter my desk so that I can focus on the work on hand. I just did that before I typed this paragraph. I feel more focused already.

Maybe I should spread out my legs more too, just like the man in the card. Maybe this can increase work productivity!

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