What Happened to Australia in 1993?

I think the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020 and 1982 were able to explain the massive bushfires that Australia is and was experiencing. Naturally, it got me thinking – do other outer planets conjunction also result in bushfires or droughs especially when the conjunction takes place in either the 4th or 1st house?

There’s a Uranus Neptune conjunction in 1993 where the exact hits occurred on 2 Feb, 20 Aug and 24 Oct. I did a Google search for “Australia 1993 news” and nothing about natural disasters came up. I thought that there might be a tsunami which is nicely symbolised by the two planets. Nope, nothing came up either. Then I chanced upon an article Seismic Mystery in Australia published by NY Times. Here are some extracts from the article:

… something shattered the calm of the Australian outback and radiated shock waves outward across hundreds of miles of scrub and desert. Around the same time, truck drivers crossing the region and gold prospectors camping nearby saw the dark sky illuminated by bright flashes, and they and other people heard the distant rumble of loud explosions.

The above paragraph is extremely symbolic of Uranus – shattered, shock, illuminated by bright flashes, explosions.

The mysterious event might have been lost to history except for the interest of Government investigators in Australia and the United States who eventually came to wonder if the upheaval was the work of the Japanese doomsday cult accused of the poison-gas attack on Tokyo subways in 1995 that killed 12 people and hurt thousands.

The above paragraph is symbolic of Neptune – lost and poison-gas.

The evidence was ominous. Investigators discovered that the cult, Aum Shinrikyo, had tried to buy Russian nuclear warheads and had set up an advanced laboratory on a 500,000-acre ranch in Australia near the puzzling upheaval. At the ranch, investigators found that the sect had been mining uranium, a main material for making atomic bombs.

Nuclear warheads, mining uranium and atomic bombs are descriptive of Uranus. Puzzling can be used to describe Neptune.

Now, it is indeed interesting that my guess is realised – there’s something shocking, unexpected (Uranus) and mysterious (Neptune) impacting the land (4th) of Australia. This compounds my weak belief of the validity of mundane astrology.

Australia Uranus Neptune conjunction mundane astrology seismic mystery

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