Bushfires in Australia

My other half was reading about bushfires in Australia and asked me how’s my Aussie friend? I wondered whether the current Saturn-Pluto conjunction could explain the situation. Lo and behold! The Saturn-Pluto conjunction is Australia’s 4th house (note 1). What this means is: destruction (Pluto) and constrictions/droughts (Saturn) on the physical land and the natural vegetation (4th house) of Australia. The common people (4th house) may be feeling fearful, depressed (Saturn) because of the traumatic (Pluto) experience. Certainly, it is also a reality check (Saturn) and regenerates (Pluto) the fertility of the land (4th). I just read that some seeds of trees can only be released on contact with heat.

On a different note, the most recent Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place in November 1982. Allowing for a few months before and after November 1982, I would expect another bushfire and possibly dough then (note 2). Lo and behold! One of Australia’s worst bushfires took place in February 1983.

Technical notes on Australia

  1. Nicholas Campion’s The Book of World Horoscopes had three charts for Australia. I selected the one that is most symbolic of the situation.
  2. This conjunction was in 27.35 Libra which falls in Australia’s first house of the country itself. Given that natal Pluto is in the 4th house of land, the mundane Saturn-Pluto conjunction has a connection to the 4th house. I do wonder what philosophy, law or policy change arose after the bushfire. I wondered whether there’s Saturn-Pluto conjunction = bushfire in Australia. The next most recent conjunction took place in August 1947. According to Daily Mail, there weren’t bushfires around this time. This is to be expected as the conjunction was in 13.07 Leo which falls into Australia’s 12th house. *** Using the natal chart of 1 Jan 1901, 13:35 GST-10:00, Melbourne, i.e. the chart of the ceremonial proclamation of the federation, the conjunction fell in 4th house. So, it seems that the ceremonial chart isn’t too helpful to me.

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