Should I Switch Health Insurance Provider?

I went from Laya to VHI for 2020 for my health insurance as Laya increased my insurance premium by almost a €100. On New Year’s Eve, I had a bad feeling in the morning about my switch. I asked the tarot cards about the switch to VHI and got the cards in the photo below. Oh yes, I selected three cards to represent VHI. The first three cards were the ones at the bottom. I didn’t like the person crying and the Devil. So, I thought, maybe the cards were wrong. Let’s pick another three cards. See them in the middle row. Hmmm, two of them looked very positive. Anyhow, the silly me picked another three cards. The Tower and an inverted card didn’t look positive.

I asked I Ching about whether I should go back to Laya. You must know that I Ching has never failed me. But I try to avoid it where possible as interpretation of a reading is difficult. I received hexagram 59 with moving lines 1, 5 and 6 with resultant hexagram 19. Basically, moving line 1 says act swiftly. Line 5 says “dispersing one’s own wealth to induce a flourishing prosperity”. Line 6 says ” Get out, keep a distance, and go away.”

I saw things in my astrology chart – progression, solar return and transits that suggest that I might be very ill in 2020.

On account of tarot, I Ching and astrology, I went back to Laya and paid more money for my health insurance. This might not be a logical decision but I have to practise what I preach!

health insurance laya to VHI

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