Venus Conjunct Lunar Return 7th Transit

I’m looking at the lunar return. Venus is in the 6th and rules the 6th and intercepted 12th. When transiting Venus conjuncts the Descendant at 3.44pm, I can’t recall what happened during this time. Which makes sense I suppose as the Descendant involves the other person. Hmmm, could it be:

  • a staff/employee having a different perspective from me, thereby being an ‘open enemy’? (and gossiping behind my back as indicated by the 12th)
  • feeling alone and trapped by someone – my partner or a colleague?

The first scenario may make sense actually. Yes, we would generally expect good things from Venus. But Venus rules the radical 6th and the turned 12th from the 7th. So, maybe the work is ‘nice’ but it’s still work. A nice prison with the telly and a personal toilet is still a prison (one of the the traditional meanings of the 12th).

Update: it turned out that there was a worker who showed up to fix the pipes in the roof (12th house of hidden things) when the transit took place. The worker (6th) is good looking, broad and big (Venus in Sagittarius). My partner had to stay put (turned 12th) while the worker does his job. 

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