Venus = Sun/Moon Transit

The transit on the Sun/Moon midpoint took place at 6.03pm. I remembered I was having a delightful conversation with a volunteer at that time. We, if not I was certainly enjoying myself. We talked about her divorce and remarriage, and her friends.

What des COSI say about this combination??

Harmonious coordination between spiritual and emotional as well as masculine and feminine dispositions, power of attraction between the sexes, artistic interests, friendship between lovers, marriage of love, harmonious marriage.

What’s interesting is that, previously I wouldn’t have talked to that volunteer because of various reasons. I wonder whether it’s the coordination between the spirit and soul that translates into relating to others for me. Interstingly, COSI states that a probable positive manifestation of Sun/Moon is “making contact with partners and friends” which seems to describe what had happen when the transit took place.


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