Transiting Moon Conjunct Lunar Return 7th

Hmmm, I would expect the planet or luminary in this case transiting the angles of a return chart to be significant in some way. Granted that it’s a lunar return chart we are talking of, and the transiting Moon, any effects or events are likely to be subtle and fleeting at best. But that’s not the point. I’m still keen on tracking these aspects and relate it to my daily life to see if they mean anything.

So, I can’t recall anything specific that would evoke the symbolism of Moon on 7th today. The Moon is in my natal 9th and rules the 2nd. So, the Moon on 7th may mean something involving another person – someone overseas maybe and involving money. Well, I had 2 contacts from non-Irish parents today, they are looking for piano lessons for their kid.

Or, the 9th is the turned 3rd of the 7th. So, there’s communication, thoughts or car relating to my partner?

Oh dear, the above seems like hogwash now. It may be an idea to see the house location and house(s) ruled by the Moon in the actual lunar return itself to shed light on transiting Moon conjunct Lunar return 7th. That’s for the next lunar month.

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