Lunar Return March

This lunar return is for Scott from 31 March to 27 April. Some interpretations are:

  • Moon angular on 10th. This is an important lunar month for his career. In fact, Scott will know in this month whether he has cleared his probation in his new job. Moon rules the 2nd and 3rd. No doubt there’s communication involving money that has an impact on his path, future and career. There are no other aspects made from the Moon, other than a square to Vertex where I only consider conjunctions.
  • ASC is in Gemini. This is the same as his natal ASC. So he is in his element. The chart ruler Mercury is in the 11th. He’s focused on his hopes and wishes, which is aptly symbolised by Neptune. I’m concerned for Scott though. Mercury is a significator for communication and contract. Is there going to be some confusion regarding his probation? Then there’s sextile to Saturn which rules the 8th, 9th and MC. So, it is more likely than not that it’s a realisation of his wishes or there’s a methodical process to attaining his hopes, hopefully not in a painstaking way. Mercury falls in Scott’s 10th house. So, this month is heavy on his career, public face.
  • There’s many planets in the 11th house. Hopes and dreams and friends and groups. The 11th ruler is angular on 7th. Scott’s partner is involved. Could the wedding bells be ringing?


lunar return Mar19

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