Lunar Return – February

This lunar return is for Scott from 4 Feb to 4 Mar. This seems like an extremely important month given the number of contacts to the Moon in the same degree.

Some interpretations are:

  • Moon is in the 5th house. Children is not a concern for Scott unless he has new students in his music teaching hobby. Pleasure, sex may be a theme during this month as Scott has a Pluto square n.Pluto transit starting in January. Creations and creativity – Scott intends to approach a concert venue about a public music performance and the person in charge of the venue should be back in late January. Since the Moon rules the 11th, the foregoing has something to do with Scott’s hopes and wishes or a friend (the person in charge of the concert venue may be considered as a friend). It’s seems auspicious that the North Node conjuncts the 11th cusp although equally the South Node conjuncts the 5th cusp.
  • There’s a new Moon. In other words, the new Moon conjuncts Scott’s natal Moon in the same degree. A new beginning relating to what’s described above.
  • In the same degree, Moon trines his MC and sextiles his IC, conjuncts Sun as previously mentioned, semisextile Saturn in 4th and Neptune angular on 7th. Moon semisquares Venus in 4th tightly, less than 1°.  This is a very busy month indeed! There’s a positive change to his career and domestic life, a new start. Hopefully it’s a realisation of his artistic dreams which is the more positive manifestation. The typical interpretations of Saturn and Neptune are generally rather negative. But let’s take this slower – maybe this is an important month for Scott’s partner, given the emphasis on the 7th – Neptune is angular, 7th co-ruler is angular as well. Maybe Scott’s partner feels lost and confused and restricted at home. Hopefully his partners works hard instead, which he does.
  • Moon sextiles Jupiter angular on 4th – Scott’s partner remains at home or there’s a focus on home. Or, his partner provides support to Scott’s foundation of life during this lunar month, more so than other months.
  • ASC is in Virgo. This falls in Scott’s natal 4th house. Again, a focus on home, roots, heritage and family. Hmmm. Why the emphasis on the 4th house?
  • Chart ruler is Mercury on 6th. This falls in Scott’s natal 9th house. Overseas, publishing, astrology might be relevant themes for Scott.

lunar return Feb19

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