Full Moon Conjunct Natal Mars

A full moon fell directly smacked on Scott’s natal Mars. Mars is in his first house and rules the 11th and 6th. He reported that his sexual urge increased dramatically especially on and the first few days after the lunation. He felt like a teenager again! In fact, he almost wondered whether excessive passion that he experienced was responsible for him falling sick – eastern philosophies is generally of the belief that ejaculation depletes the vital energies of a person and consequently has an effect on health. Actually, just the other day, I was reading about a taoist master who recommends two love making acts per month and if possible to abstain during winter!

At the same time, during the first 2-3 days of the lunation, Scott was heavily involved in his energy healing health practice, which is linked to his hopes and wishes – he wants to be an energy healing teacher.

What is also interesting is that Scott has a friend, whose Moon is in Aries who is in the healthcare profession and reached a crisis or climax a few days after the lunation. His friend is going to switch department, which is due to the friend’s accumulated and depressing experience over the past one year.

It is interesting how the lunation on Mars played out for Scott.

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