Progressed Saturn Conjunct Progressed Venus

I was kinda worried when progressed Saturn was conjuncting my progressed Venus last year. That is after reading Brady’s Predictive Astrology “Non-chart-related types of progressions are very subjective. You will not be persuaded away from your obsession.” I recalled the example of Joan of Arc that Brady used. Joan heard the voice of God, she dressed up as a man, she went into battle when there were non-chart-related progressions.

I was half-expecting a breakup with my partner, an epic loss in finances or valuable (not that I have any). But believe it or not, the progression happened just one day before my piano concert. Well, arts and music can certainly be represented by Venus. I don’t like Saturn though as it has a bad reputation. Okay, that’s ‘bad’ or ‘lazy’ astrology. What do the two planets rule? In my case, Venus rules the 5th and 12th and is in the 3rd natally. So, There’s hidden music in the local community (the concert venue is a local establishment). Saturn rules the 9th and 8th and is in the 4th natally. The 8th house has a ‘bad’ reputation. If I really want to stretch the interpretation, there’s a transformation in terms of my knowledge, experience when it comes to the foundations of my life.

Hmmm, the above interpretation doesn’t quite ring a bell for me. Unless I see it as an artistic accomplishment, which is indeed the case. What if I look at the progressed chart itself, without reference to the natal chart?

WAIT. I have made a mistake. Actually, it’s p.Venus conjuncting p.Saturn. Well, maybe it doesn’t make a difference using the lens of modern psychological astrology. But traditionally astrology would say that p.Venus approaches p.Saturn who receives Venus with exaltation. What’s more, Jupiter is within ‘orb’ of both Venus and Saturn. The greater benefic is angular as well! Let’s see what’s involved:

  • friends, family/personal life – as ruled by Venus. And family/personal life is especially important as IC is heavily emphasised by the 3 planets
  • partner and transformation – as ruled by Saturn.

Hmmm, let’s park aside the above interpretation for the time being. My mind and soul aren’t working properly.

non chart related progression

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