2019 Horoscopes

Some of you may be thinking of what 2019 brings to you. As you know, an astrology reading considers numerous other factors and above all, considers you which ultimately affects how you experience life and the planetary energies and what happens. That’s why most online horoscopes don’t really resonate with you, including the one that I have written below.
With that in mind, here’s a hopefully entertaining look at the year-ahead based on your rising sign. If you don’t know your rising sign, go online and create a free birth chart (you will need your time of birth to do so) and read up on how to find out about your rising sign or Ascendant.

NOTE: the following is not how I conduct my readings. Besides, the horoscopes below are based only on one factor – Jupiter, the jovial planet or for those in the know, the planet of empty promises…

From 1 January 2019 to 1 December 2019, look at the horoscope below based on your rising sign. From 1 December 2019 to end of 2019, look at the rising sign before yours. For example, if your rising sign is Taurus, you look at Aries. If your rising sign is Aries, look at Pisces.

Aries: Go for that overseas trip, sign up for that course, have a chat with that foreign neighbour of yours. Engage in any experiences that broadens your mental and/or physical horizons! According to fortune tellers, this is a good time to go overseas – maybe for education, marriage or for something legal related. Feeling spiritual? Explore and practice whatever spirituality that interests you. If you have any personal beliefs, whether conscious or not, that’s been holding you back, this is the period to step out of them and freedom is within grasp! For the writers, this is supposedly a good time for publishing! This only happens once every 12 years so take advantage of this period! If you are seeking a solicitor for any reason, fear not! You are likely to meet a good one. If not, dump that one and find another one!

Taurus: Shitty things happen to everyone. If they do, take heart that they are blessings in disguise even if you can’t see why and how – are there any promises of regeneration and rebirth that’s not obvious to you? Fortune tellers claims that you may receive an inheritance during this time which can be true or just pure rubbish – after all, this happens once every 12 years. You wouldn’t want people dying just to receive inheritances, do you? You could get a lucky break in taxes, insurance and big finance ticket items. Other people’s finances e.g. that of your spouse or business partner can improve during this time. Hopefully, their gain is your gain too!

Gemini: Fortune tellers claim that this is the time when you may get married or least find someone to be in a long-term relationship with! The wise astrologers like me will say that it depends on your personality. If there’s psychological things holding you back from having a relationship, how can planetary energies perform miracles? But, if you are married or in a LT relationship already, what then? Well, a good relationship can get even better. But, if you are in a shitty one, you may decide to ‘break’ out of it because you are not growing as a person. People who openly object to you may turn over a new leaf during this period. E.g. there’s this pesky colleague of yours who’s openly hostile to you. Perhaps during this time, she changes her attitude towards you and is actually nice to you for the first time ever!

Cancer: If you are naturally predisposed to gain weight, watch out! This may be the time where you may actually gain weight, possibly due to the rich and lovely food that you may eating if you are not careful! Another way to see it to engage in a multitude of healthy routines that improves your health. Educate yourself on healthy routines and do them, even if you don’t feel like it. There are job opportunities if you are looking for work. It may not be fantastic opportunities that drastically advances your career but hey you have to start somewhere! If you are already in a job, expect more opportunities to demonstrate your efficiency and execution of tasks. However, if you feel that the job is dead-end for you, you may decide to break out of it, or seek some way to improve the situation. Just be careful that your perchance for security doesn’t stop you from taking action to do so.

Leo: Fancy a kid? This is the time, assuming you and the other person are healthy to do so. If you have a less than stellar relationship with a child, this may be the time when there’s an improvement in the relationship. Don’t wait for the child to make the first move (although that may happen). To receive the love and appreciation that you crave, why not give it freely so that you can receive them back? If you are looking for passion and sex, this is the time for you! Single? Logon to Tinder, Grindr and what have you. Practise safe sex or use contraceptive if you don’t want a baby! Note that romances don’t necessarily translate into long-term relationships, no matter how much you want it, although it might. That shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the experiences though! For the creatively inclined folks, this is a great time to create and express yourself! Send me photos of your creations, won’t you?

Virgo: An improvement in the home and family arena. For some of you, it may mean moving into a newly purchased apartment/home. Or finding a suitable place to rent even if you are looking for a place in Dublin, Ireland. If you don’t have your own place, now is the time to start thinking and planning for the future if that makes sense to you! Relationship with a parent, more probably your father (under traditional astrology) is likely to improve. However, if that parent has been overdemanding or doesn’t give you enough personal space, you may decide that enough is enough. For some of you, this is a great time to explore your roots – be it settling down somewhere or actually looking your lineage (there’s companies that does this e.g. Ancestry – I have not used their services before). Think of the foundations of your life that you would like to build over the next 6 years and get a start on them.

Libra: You may be more loquacious than usual during this time. If not, there can be a flurry of mental activity – you may decide to expand on your ideas on anything by taking a course, reading up on something, attending talks, etc. If you are a writer or speaker, this is likely to be a productive time for you although you may have to make the first steps. This may be a possibly a good time for social networking if you are into that stuff or need to do so. How’s your relationship with your siblings, your cousins and your peers? If you fancy making the relationship better, do so and it will likely have a lasting impact on it. If you are signing any contracts, be careful that your expansive attitude doesn’t make you overlook any detail.

Scorpio: Looking for more money? Now is the time! Reach out to your customers or get more customers to bring in more income. Even if you are employed, you could ask your employer for a raise. You will never know how it pans out unless you ask. When you are buying something, it’s helpful to know whether you want the thing or you need the thing. I’m not discounting the idea that you may actually feel great when you shop. But there’s a difference between a want and a need. At the same time, it is possible that some of the investments that you enter into may bring you long-term financial rewards. It’s not just about money and possessions, this is also a period of seeing whether there’s values that are no longer healthy for you. Perhaps you have outgrown them? Discard them so that your self-worth is even stronger than before.

Sagittarius: A potentially great time when you are seen favourably by others. Remember the first three second rule on first impressions? It is likely that you make a great impression on others. Hmmm, unless your birth chart says otherwise. But even that, expect some sort of improvement. Even if there’s no improvement, not that you are bothered about what others think of you, how about refining your physical appearance so that you look at your very best for this adventure of yours called life? You are likely to find this year more smooth sailing than usual – this is possibly due to other’s positive perception of you as mentioned earlier. Make a start on those plans of yours! There should be opportunities available for you to realise those plans! What an exciting time for you!

Capricorn: You know that we are products of our childhood and experiences. There may be unconscious thoughts and behaviours that are not conducive towards becoming the person that you want to be, towards attaining success, happiness or both. This is the time when you may get in touch with that defeating behaviours and thoughts that you are unaware of and get over them. Remember you have to do some work too! There’s no free lunch in this world as I know you know. You may find abundance in having more me-time for yourself too. Engage in spirituality, meditation, solitary walks and baths, etc. You may find yourself growing as a person this way. If there are people who stab you in your back secretly or behind the scenes, there might be some improvement during this time – who knows, they may see the errors of their ways. There’s shitty events in everyone’s life. And if they were to happen to you during this time, they are usually blessings in disguise on hindsight. God is watching over you!

Aquarius: You may make more friends and/or acquaintances during this time. Or the quality of existing ones improves, maybe of the new or more experiences that you share together. Expect more support from your friends and acquaintances too, especially if you are trying to get a job, etc. After all, what are friends for if they are not supportive towards your hopes and wishes in life? If they don’t do so, can you really call them friends? This is also the time to participate in groups of any kind (try meetup.com!) or your membership in a group is elevated to some extent. Equally, if there is any friend or group where you feel stagnant or limiting, this may be the time where it improves or if it doesn’t, you may make a decision to get out of it after weighing the pros and cons.

Pisces: This is supposedly one of the best years in your career, social status and/or public life or reputation especially for the politicians among you. You have to make full use of any opportunities that present themselves to you though. Otherwise, you may feel that career is more smooth sailing than usual. However, I have also come across people who left their job, department, speciality, career during this time as they have come to the realisation that their current career/path is too restrictive, limited or burdensome to them – this doesn’t fit into their view of their long term aspirations or plans or indeed, their philosophy of life. Hence, these people seek freedom and feel liberated! Yipee! For some of you, one of your parents, usually your mother (according to traditional astrology anyway), may be involved. It’s usually a better than usual time for her/him. In extremely rare instances and only if your birth chart shows this, if your mother is physically sick and suffering, maybe freedom and improvement for her means a departure from this world.

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