Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury

It was a day of most intense feelings. Scott felt belittled by his driving instructor on that day. The instructor implied that Scott was in no way ready to take his driving test, which was very different from the oral and written feedback given by the tester. His confidence was greatly reduced and shaken by the behaviour of the instructor.

The progressed Moon also acted as a trigger to Scott’s transiting Saturn opposition natal Mercury where the final exact hit ended about 1.5 weeks ago. It’s useful to note that Mercury is Scott’s chart ruler as well. With the opposition, there’s the idea of another person involved. Saturn can signify authority, limitations over the mind through opposition from someone. On a side note, Scott had been extremely busy at work in writing reports towards the tail end of the t.Saturn opposition n.Mercury transit. This is interesting as I would have expected the middle hit of the transit to be the climax and the most heightened for a 3 hit transit.

Natal Moon rules Scott’s 9th house of certification. So, the progression could have symbolised the receipt of communication of his driving test results, which was just two days before the progression. The natal Mercury is squared by natal Saturn and Jupiter. So, perhaps it’s fair to say that it’s unlikely for Scott to pass his driving test due to the square from Saturn and the Saturn-Mercury transit.


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