Lunar Return Nov 2018

My predictions for this lunar month are:

  • Moon in the 6th – changes in work routine or daily routine. Moon rules the 12th. So, the changes could involve me working independently or with some element of secrecy or there’s gossips going behind my back. Moon sextiles Mercury that rules the 2nd and 11th. Mercury can be taken to be in the 5th (or 4th). There’s some money coming due to a friend that fits in the changes in daily routine.
  • ASC ruler the Sun is in the 4th house. So, another focus for this lunar month is home, family and personal life. There’s no tight aspects to the Sun. The Sun squares ASC-DSC. An adjustment in my way of approaching/seeing the world may be in order.
  • t. MO con 7th: 15 Nov at 1pm: Saturn in 5th that rules 6th and 7th. Saturn trines MC. An event relating to my partner/colleague that has to do with my work routine and supports my career.
  • t.MO con MC: 21 Nov at 1pm. Venus in 3rd.
  • t.MO con ASC 28 Nov at 10pm
  • t.MO con 4th 4 Dec at 9am

predictions lunar return nov18

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