Lunar Return – Sep 2018

The way to gain facility with lunar returns is to practise, make mistakes, learn from them and practise again.

The key features of the lunar return are:

  • Moon in the 5th. Moon rules the 10th – there’s certainly lots of piano practice this month, almost on a daily basis after I had a proper digital piano stand. There’s a change in how I teach children piano. I suppose you can say that the piano practice is linked to the public image as an pianist and piano teacher.
  • Moon semisextile Neptune on the 6th – I did feel during the month that my life is in a mess. There’s no clear structure in daily life. What must I give up? (these are the exact words I have in my journal).
  • Moon semisquare Chiron in the 6th – I felt that I couldn’t cope during this month.
  • Asc ruler is the 2nd. It rules the 8th and 1st – I bought a car this month. Car relates to the 2nd house of possessions. It certainly involve huge spending. This is a month of transformation before I start work in an accounting job on 18th Oct.
  • ASC ruler squares Mars in 4th that rules the 2nd and 7th. There were challenges in finding the right car. Once I have found it and practiced driving with my partner as the sponsor, it was very stressful to the relationship.
  • Mars conjunct South Node. Mars rules the 7th and 2nd. There’s a huge reduction in my wallet because of the car purchase. As mentioned earlier, my partner is incredibly stressed by being in the car with me.
  • Conjunction in the 12th between the Sun and Mercury – Sun rules the 11th, Mercury rules the 9th and 12th. There’s a friend from overseas who feels alone.
  • Moon transits over 7th – on that day, there’s a focus on the other person. In this case, my partner. Mars squares Uranus on 8th. Partner is restless for a radical change when it comes to my possession i.e. car as Uranus is disposed by Venus in 2nd. Mars semisextile Saturn in 3rd. There’s a connection which is not obvious relating to limited options (we are looking for automatic cars in Ireland which is 1 or none of such car per garage. There’s tension between me and him. He is helped by an overseas friend who gave him some illuminating advice.
  • Moon transits over the 10th – on that day, I practised very hard on the piano today. Moon semisextile Neptune which rules music. So, there’s music as part of daily work today.
  • Moon transits over the 1st – a day of action and rushing around. I did an astrological consultation. Interestingly, I had 3 enquiries for readings today. One booked an appointment. One didn’t as she wanted a special rate. The 3rd one is an ex-client who said she was thinking of a reading.
  • Moon transits over the 4th – Saturn is in the 3rd house. There was quite a talk and conversation with a friend from overseas on that day (Saturn squares Mercury conjunct Sun) who was very distraught at her baby’s medical condition on that day (Saturn rules the 5th too). I receive payment from a client today very rapidly (Saturn trines Uranus in 8th house of other people’s money. Uranus is disposed by Venus in 2nd.

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