Will I Have A Child?

A client is 40 years old. She wanted a child but her partner has been letting her down. I looked at her natal chart. There’s no planets in her 5th house. The cusp of the 5th house is in Capricorn. Saturn is in Leo and in the 12th house. 12th house of feeling that she lacks any influence over having a child. Leo is one of the traditional signs of barrenness. Besides, her 5th house of children is ruled by Saturn. Wow, the natal chart is so clear in its message.

She asked whether she will have a child. The horary chart shows:

  • The 5th cusp is in Taurus
  • Venus is in Libra in retrograde. For quite some time, Venus was in Scorpio and moved into Libra on its retrograde
  • Moon is in Sagittarius. It is applying to Venus in about slightly more than 5 degrees

I told her that it’s likely that she will conceive in about five months from now. I was cautious of the Venus in retrograde. But I interpret it as the child and the client coming together.

Most interestingly, transiting Saturn enters her 5th cusp – I use the equal house system in mid-April. I read it as Saturn’s coming home.

Jupiter is going to make a trine to Saturn from mid-April to September or October (I can’t remember which) as well!

With the three indicators above, I think it’s likely that she will conceive in April.


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