Venus Retrograde

Venus station retrograded at around 10° Scorpio on 5 October 2018, GMT.

Venus symbolizes relationships. Relationships can be intense and dark when Venus is in Scorpio, let alone when it is approaching and in station where it seems that relationships come to a standstill or they are especially intense. I had a very stressful time with my partner on the day before the station retrograde. Actually, during the week leading to the station retrograde and the few days after, I remembered telling myself that I felt more uncomfortable doing readings with clients. Client sessions during this time was rather awkward for me. It didn’t feel right.

Venus stationed itself on my 6th house cusp. And I felt that the week before the station was especially busy, even hectic for me. Suddenly, friends that I didn’t know get in contact with me and there’s plenty of communication, which is unusual.

So, Venus does have its powers even though it’s a benefic planet. Perhaps more so as it’s in detriment.

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