Approaching 7th Harmonic Charts for the First Time

The 7th harmonic chart, among many other functions, shows us what turns us on, what inspires us and our inner reality that we may or may not manifest to the world. You can say that the 7th harmonic chart shows us our fantasies. Oxford Dictionaries define “fantasize” as “Indulge in daydreaming about something desired.”

For people who are less conscious or unconscious about their fantasies or what gets their juices flowing, there can be a tendency to project what’s within them to the outside world. And what better way to project that on art or music which are part of the outside world and may provide a clue to your inner self?

So, if you are approaching 7th harmonic charts for the first time, think of your say top 3 favourite art and/or music. Write down your thoughts about why your selections appeal to you. Be honest. No-one else is going to read your thoughts unless you want them to. Generate your 7th harmonic chart. Find the connections between what you have written and the planetary symbols, the aspects between them and aspect patterns in the chart.

The second step is to think of your say top 3 heroes and/or heroines and replicate the above steps.

You would have then taken the initial step towards understanding your 7th harmonic chart.

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