Getting Published for the First Time for Writers

Writers, listen up! How has your publishing journey been? If it has been tough, why not use astrology to glean some insights on the source(s) of hindrance from publication? You will need basic astrological knowledge for the rest of this piece.

Let’s use Stephen King as an example. We look at his 9th house of publishing. Presumably, one has to be published before there’s success although some writers may consider being published as the success for them. Fair enough, but surely there’s enough books that are abandoned on shelves and warehouses? I believe that the 9th house represents the publication of a book while the 10th/MC represents the (commercial) success of the published book.

King has an empty 9th house where the house cusp is in Pisces. We then look to his 9th house ruler which is Jupiter. Some modern astrologers would consider Neptune as the sole or co-ruler of the 9th house. Interestingly, Jupiter is the also the natural significator of publishing. Jupiter squares Saturn, the planet of challenges. In other words, getting published won’t be easy and will probably take time as King continues to work on his craft. Most interestingly, Neptune, the modern co-ruler of the 9th house septiles Saturn rather tightly at 30′. Maybe he fantasizes about hardship in being published or being accomplished and attaining success in it. He is certainly inspired by getting published by established institutions instead of small publishing houses.

Writers who have yet to publish their first book may have a hard contact between Saturn and at least one of their 9th house significators. King has done it despite it, so can you!

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