Pursuing a Dream and Quitting Your Job

Let’s say your passion is something niche or even obscure, say opera singing. Your birth chart may hold the promise of success in it, say Jupiter conjunct, trine or sextile the MC, or MC ruler or a planet in the 10th house.

Let’s say you have been working in a job for years. You have finally come into terms with your passion and there’s a lot of push factors from your current career/job. There may come a point in time when you ask yourself: should I take a leap of faith and devote myself entirely to singing operas or get or maintain a day/part-time job as I continue to work on my passion?

I would ask you to look at whether there are contact, especially hard ones, between your MC, MC ruler or planets in your 10th house to Saturn. Saturn is after all the planet of time. I think if there’s a hard contact between Saturn and one of your career significators, attaining success in the external world is usually over the long haul. In practical terms, you need money to sustain you as you work on your passion.

It might be worthwhile to also look at whether there are any hard contacts between your career significators (assuming that they reflect your passion and not your current career/job) and Neptune. It’s likely that you might be a wee bit unrealistic when it comes to your passion. Saturn is your friend and ally here. If you can’t cut through your fantasies, etc, talk to someone older, wiser or more accomplished than you.


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